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Creative Nature in Bloom

If you're an artist who wants to take their creative expression and style from seed to full bloom, this workshop is for you!

Would you love the freedom of having a uniquely expressive art style that lights up not only your artwork, but your everyday life? If your heart says YES, then it’s time to listen to your inner artist and allow her to be heard, felt, and seen in the outside world – to be truly YOU in full bloom!

Join Australian artist and educator, Jenelle de Souza, in this transformative online art workshop that reveals and expands your distinct creative style through Her Art is Soul’s signature mixed media art process, Creative Being Essensuals.


This sensory creation process guides you through three stages—listening, feeling, and seeing—using meditative practices and mixed media exercises to draw out the unique inspirations of your inner nature, with sensuous florals as your subject matter. You’ll learn how to transform your inspiration into expressive mixed media artwork as the process guides your entire creative journey—from the first seeds to the final bloom— and illuminates nuances of emotion and meaning that personalize your artwork and make it truly yours.

What students are saying

“This workshop was a game-changer for me. I’ve done so many art workshops that only focused on learning materials, but this process helped me make a such solid connection with my own creative expression that it's fuelled a whole new level of confidence and energy in making my art. I’m totally in the flow!”



Be Felt

Discover expressive mixed media techniques and that amplify the feeling and emotion of your artwork by transforming them into textures and colour.

Be Seen

Learn how key design choices with composition, colour, contrast and scale can enhance and illuminate the emotion that you want to express in your artwork, bringing the feeling into full form to truly bloom and be seen!

Be Heard

Learn the meditative practice of sense mapping your body to tune in and become intimate with your inner sensations and inspiration in response to the subject matter.

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Creative Being Essensuals process:

Whether you’re new to art or a creative professional, this workshop is for everyone who has a desire to not only discover their unique artistic style, but to become the embodiment of creativity in their everyday life – expressive, playful and brimming with possibilities ... in full bloom!

This workshop is for you if...


You’re looking for a supportive process to help you connect with your feelings and express them confidently through your art and everyday life.


You’re a beginner artist who would love a solid framework to support them in becoming confident in the creative process.


You’re experiencing creative blocks or self-doubt and need a step-by-step process to help you break through and create consistently.


You’re an artist who wants to gain new expressive mixed media techniques to create art that’s not only visually stunning, but full of personal meaning as well.


Your life tends to be high-stress and would benefit from a creative outlet for relaxation and personal growth.


You’re longing to build your confidence in your unique creative voice so that you can truly shine in your art.


You’re a visual artist, designer, writer, or performer eager to explore fresh ways to approach your creativity.


You’re keen to take a more adventurous, spontaneous approach to both your art and your everyday experiences.

What, When and Where ...

What's included:

A four-hour hour interactive online workshop, delivered live via Zoom.

What you'll need:

  • A desire and willingness for creative expression! (no previous experience required)

  • Drawing and painting materials (a suggested materials list will be emailed to you after booking)

  • A journal for creative writing

Next available date:


Sunday 25 August, 2024


1pm - 5.30pm AEST 
(including two 15min breaks)


$160 per person


The next available workshop of 'Your Creative Nature in Bloom' is Sunday 25 August 2024.
Book now as places are limited!


Your Facilitator


Hello! I’m Jenelle de Souza, a creative soul with over 20 years of experience working as a visual artist, designer, and educator. Thriving on creating in many different forms, my artistic path has also led me into performing arts, writing, and studying art therapy.

Through my studies in art therapy and running workshops, I’ve seen firsthand how transformative and healing art-making can be. There’s nothing quite like helping people to turn their creative desires into meaningful, expressive art - it's such rewarding work.

When I’m not teaching, you’ll most often find me immersed in my own art projects or outside enjoying the natural world. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, I'm here to support you in making your artistic dreams a reality. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

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